Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artwork by Cole Gerst

Artwork by Cole Gerst
( Cole Gerst / Ghettogloss Gallery )
Cole Gerst's "Blue Bird," part of his "Turf Wars" show at Ghettogloss Gallery through April 28.

Cole Gerst is an artist, illustrator, designer and animator based in the Mount Washington area of LA. He is the founder and art director of option-g visual communication. Gerst began his career in the music business designing cd covers and posters for such bands as The Shins, Modest Mouse, Beck, Elliot Smith and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

While still painting and designing, Gerst has branched out into directing and animation. His “Yung Yeti” cartoon will be aired on the Sundance Channel later this year and a pilot for another network is in the works. He also recently finished two animated spots for Scion.

Gerst’s ever love of a good t-shirt led him to translate his art onto t-shirts and thus started option-g apparel.
To top it off Gerst has two monthly comics in the LA Weekly, “The Good Life City” and “LaLa Land”.In his spare time you can find Cole tearing up the hills of LA on his 1978 Puch Free Spirit or hanging with his 2 German Shepherds.